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Things I do badly

materials: none

Aims: Self disclosure, self-awareness, trust building, group cohesion


In around, In this case my husband and I, take turns at saying the thing they do most badly…..

husband says “ fail to love you well enough”. I say “ wind the cable up on the hoover”.

next we say the thing people tell them they do well. Husband says “ work seriously hard “,

I say “ boast”. Do I really mean this? ( this for another time).

next husband says the thing they know they do well “ have a good humour”, I say “ I am great at keeping my house clean and tidy”

Next we are asked to exaggerate the thing they do well, followed by a discussion…..

husband says “ “……………..

wife says”………… ( for next time. I forgot)

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“Rough and Ready”
Oil on board.
Reminiscent of the time I had in Scotland, when I was lucky enough to
Sit outside painting in the summer Islands.
Joy complete.
To make an enquiry about this work please email me
Happy viewing